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아이폰 무료 어플 FAQ

오늘은 총 47개의 어플을 소개하겠다. 먼저 Twittelator for iPad이 아니라 유료 어플이다. 아이폰용 트위터 어플 중 최고의 어플로 평상시 5불에서 2불로 할인 판매하고 있어서 소개한다. Chicago Parking은 말 그대로 시카고 시의 주차장을 찾을 수 있는 어플로 평상시 2불, 제한된 시간 동안 무료로 제공된다. Cybermen는 평상시 8불이나 하는 채팅 어플이다. 그만한 가치가 있는지는 알 수 없다. Qibla Locator는 평상시 2불에 팔매되는 알카바 로케이터다.

ZOOZbeat은 평상시 2불에 판매되는 음악 어플이다. 노래를 리믹스하고 개인화 할 수 있는 어플이다. Data Hunter는 평상시 2불에 판매되는 어플로 오픈페인트(OpenFeint)와의 협약으로 오늘만 무료로 제공되는 게임 어플이다. Furnishing Milano는 평상시 9불에 판매되는 어플이다. 다만 그만한 가치가 있는지는 조금 의문이다. Voxel은 레고처럼 3차원 블럭을 쌓는 어플이다. 평상시 2불에 판매된다.

홀리넷은 지금까지 올라온 무료 어플 중 가장 비싼 어플이다. 평상시 무려 50불에 판매되는 어플이다. 한글 개역 66권의 텍스트와 오디오, 영서 NIV 66권의 텍스트, 찬송가 등이 포함되어 있다[1]. 따라서 개신교나 에 관심있는 사람이라면 받아 볼만한 어플이다. 참고로 1000명까지 무료라고 한다. Flashcards Pro는 평상시 2불에 판매되는 플래시 카드 어플이다. 자신의 카드를 만들 수 있으며 기존의 카드를 내려받을 수도 있다.

Metal Euchre는 평상시 2불, 제한된 시간 동안 무료로 제공되는 카드 게임 어플이다. Master of Gomoku는 평상시 1불에 판매되는 오목 어플이다. 그러나 판이 작고 실력이 조금 떨어진다. BumpPet은 무료 어플로 올라온 어플이다. 다만 제한된 시간 동안 무료라고 해서 소개한다. Aalina, War Duck, Running Robot의 세 종류가 올라왔다. ReBounce는 평상시 2불에 판매되는 게임 어플이다. Tune Runner Fusion은 평상시 2불, FreeAppaDay.com와의 협약으로 오늘만 무료로 제공되는 게임 어플이다. Math-Tour도 평상시 2불에 판매되는 어플로 이름을 보면 알 수 있지만 수학 교육용 어플이다.

마지막으로 무료 어플에 대한 소식을 조금 더 빨리 알고 싶다면 를 읽고 팔로잉하기 바란다. 트위터로는 글을 통해 소개하기 힘든 100명 한정, 한시간만 무료와 같을 어플도 올리기 때문이다. 마지막으로 트위터를 통한 질문에는 거의 답하지 않는다. 트위터를 이렇게 운영하는 이유는 트위터 운영 노하우 및 팁라는 글을 보면 된다. 따라서 트위터로 질문하고 답이 없다고 서운해 하지 않았으면 한다. 질문을 하고 싶다면 반드시 블로그에 관련글을 찾아 올리거나 도아의 QNA를 이용하기 바란다.

Twittelator for iPad - Twitter Client 1.1(Social Networking)[iTunes]

Price: $4.99 -> $1.99, Version: 1.1

Twittelator Pad is the ultimate way to experience Twitter on your iPad.

Absolutely nothing was taken for granted when redesigning Twittelator for the iPad. Every graphic and interaction was distinctly tailored to create a best-of-breed Twitter experience.


  • Beautifully designed and visually rich interface
  • Friends' tweets are presented persistently in landscape
  • See images inline in your friends' tweets feed
  • Messages are presented in a chat view
  • Set customizable wallpapers
  • Discover nearby Twitter users
  • Create and manage drafts
  • Terrific multiple account support
  • Post photo and audio tweets
  • Automatically splits up long tweets to allow longer messages
  • All this amongst a rich set of other highly tuned features

Chicago Parking 2.0(Navigation)[iTunes]

Price: $1.99 -> Free, Version: 2.0

Chicago Parking is the only parking garage application designed for Chicago. With this application you can find the cheapest parking rates anywhere in Chicago. Save yourself a parking ticket with the built in parking timer.


Avoid overpaying for parking by comparing rates from neighborhood garages. Ability to search by an address.


  • Search over 300+ Parking Garages to find the best rates
  • Map showing all Meters, Zones, Rates, and Paybox locations
  • List showing all the Early Bird Specials in the city
  • Find out where your vehicle is if you got towed with our new towing database search
  • Detailed information about each garage including:
    • Address
    • Phone
    • Hours
    • # Spots
    • Rates (Hourly, Daily, Weekend, Monthly)
  • Meter timer that will sound an alarm when your meter is almost expired
  • Remember where you parked with turn by turn directions back to your car. You even have the ability to leave a voice memo. Ability to drag car to exact location


As seen in Daily Herald, NBC, Chicago Sun-Times, Redeye, FOX News, ABC 7, Chicago Tribune, and other news outlets.

All Premium Garages are displayed with a red parking logo

Coming Soon: Real-Time Garage Availability so you will know if garage is full. Also, you will be able to make a reservation at garages and get daily coupons to help you save on parking.

Parking Information and rates are updated on a weekly basis to ensure accuracy. If you have any questions please contact us at 773-809-3443 or [email protected]

Hiragana 123 1.00(Education)[iTunes]

Price: $.99 -> Free, Version: 1.00

Free for a very short time, check it out and leave a review!

Hiragana 123 is a fun and easy way to study the Japanese Hiragana writing system.

This method of flashing is quite effective in its ability to facilitate recall of the sounds used in the Hiragana writing system.

Hiragana 123 has two modes. Study mode shows characters and pronunciation. Quiz mode shows a random character and reveals the pronunciation when you tap the button.

Learning Hiragana is easy and fun with Hiragana 123 so start today.

Password Grid 1.0.1(Utilities)[iTunes]

Price: $.99 -> Free, Version: 1.0.1

Welcome to Password Grid!
A secure password generator for iPhone.

Free for a limited time!

Choosing and remembering a strong password is complicated. It's easier to remember an simple password and convert it to a secure one.

This is exactly what Password Grid does. It helps you generate a random grid of characters, based on a key you choose.

With the grid, you can visually convert an easy to remember password (like "secret") to something safer (like "8A2sN34v2s5T").

  • You can have your converted password copied to your clipboard or emailed to you for quick access.
  • You can customize the grid generation complexity, with uppercase letters, numbers and symbols, which makes your encrypted passwords much more secure.

Enjoy, don't forget to rate it in the App Store and let us know if you have any feedback!

Made in Montreal!
(also known as PassGrid)

Katakana 123 1.00(Education)[iTunes]

Price: $.99 -> Free, Version: 1.00

Free for a very short time, check it out and leave a review!

Katakana 123 is a fun and easy way to study the Japanese Katakana writing system.

This method of flashing is quite effective in its ability to facilitate recall of the sounds used in the Katakana writing system.

Katakana 123 has two modes. Study mode shows characters and pronunciation. Quiz mode shows a random character and reveals the pronunciation when you tap the button.

Learning Katakana is easy and fun with Katakana 123 so start today.

iHappyDays2 1.0(Lifestyle)[iTunes]

Price: Free, Version: 1.0

Free for Limited Time!!!

Are you having trouble keeping track of your friends' and family members' birthday and anniversaries? Especially the one's that follow the LUNAR CALENDAR?

HappyDays for Palm returns to the iPhone/iPod touch world.

Know when and whose important days are coming with iHappyDays!!!

iHappyDays will help you remember the birthdays and anniversaries of your friends and family members.

It retrieves information from the built-in Birthday and Date fields of Contacts and displays it neat and nicely in table view.

The table view will help you see how soon your contacts' next birthday and anniversaries are coming. In addition you can look-up, add, and modify your contact's information from iHappyDays.

This version supports Push Notification.

Cybermen 1.0(Social Networking)[iTunes]

Price: $7.99 -> Free, Version: 1.0

Chat gay community

CampingMania-캠핑정보 1.02(Travel)[iTunes]

Price: $.99 -> Free, Version: 1.02

전국 캠핑장 정보를 조회할 수 있도록 구성하였습니다. 기존 유로 어플을 보다 많은 캠퍼와 공유하기 위해 무료로 전환합니다. 유료로 구매하신 분들의 넓은 이해 부탁드립니다.

. 전국 캠핑장 리스트, 캠핑장 검색
. 지역별 캠핑장 리스트,
. 주변 캠핑장 리스트(반경 50Km)
. 상세정보
. 지도보기(지역별/주변 리스트, 개별정보)
. 홈페이지 보기
. , 다음 검색
. 전화 연결

초기 버전으로 다소 부족하지만, 지속적으로 정보 갱신하겠습니다.

캠핑장 정보의 미흡한 부분, 추가할 정보 등은 개발자 메일을 통해 알려주시기 바랍니다.

개발자 E-Mail : [email protected]

Fit or Fugly 1.1(Photography)[iTunes]

Price: $.99 -> Free, Version: 1.1

Fit or Fugly can measure how attractive you are using scientific algorithms. Get it now for free!!!

"The only app to tell you if you're hot or hideous" - HuffingtonPost

"What We All Need Right Now Is an App to Tell Us We're Ugly" - Gizmodo

"It has a 100% success rate" -

Now visit; to find out who the 'fittest' and 'fugliest' people are in the world.

For centuries men and women have done their best to make themselves as attractive as possible to the opposite sex but up until now there was no way of determining how attractive a face actually is.

Now you can scientifically calculate how 'Fit or Fugly' your face or any other face that you care to photograph is. This application utilizes Fibonacci's Golden Ratio principle which is based on symmetries via key anchor points on a human face which is the eyes, ears, chin, mouth and nose. Symmetry is accepted as the base of attractiveness. Complex face mapping and recognition algorithms paired with the ability of manual correction guarantee most accurate output.

So either boost your confidence by discovering you are truly fit, or if the news is bad and you are fugly you can make the necessary changes to you appearance and lifestyle which may improve your attractiveness!

Fit or Fugly can be used anywhere:

  • From the privacy of your bedroom
  • To break the ice at dinner parties
  • To liven up an otherwise dull day at work or school
  • Supporting your rationale to ending a relationship
  • As a reason to declining an invitation to date
  • To simply measure you and your friends
  • Cracking banter with your mates

There are no limits to the use of Fit or Fugly as it is equally effective on human faces irrespective of ethnicity, colour, age or race. It has even been known to work on pets.

*** NOTE: If you end up Fugly please don't take it out on the rating, we mean no harm ***

Food Substitutes 1.3.3(Lifestyle)[iTunes]

Price: $.99 -> Free, Version: 1.3.3

Save a trip to the supermarket, or if the supermarket doesn't have the cooking ingredients you need then find a substitute. This app is a super convenient assistant while you're grocery shopping.

Food Substitutes is always with you and doesn't require an Internet connection because all the data is stored on your iPhone or iPod Touch. And the handy search feature helps you easily find the foods you're looking for.

Food Substitutes can help you locate cooking alternatives in eight categories:

  1. Herbs, Spices and Seasonings
  2. Baking Ingredients
  3. Cheese and Dairy Products
  4. Eggs
  5. Fats, Oils and Vinegars
  6. Fruits and Vegetables
  7. Miscellaneous
  8. Low Fat Substitutes

Qibla Locator 1.0(Lifestyle)[iTunes]

Price: $1.99 -> Free, Version: 1.0

Qibla Locator is the most simple and accurate Al-Kaaba locator available on iPhone. One click application !

IMPORTANT : some users reported that the application doesn't work at all. This application is for iPhone 3GS ONLY, as it makes use of the built-in compass.

Because Qibla Locator takes full advantage of the new iPhone 3GS functionnalities (compass, accurate GPS), you always get the most precise direction to Al-Kaaba in Mecca, wherever you are & in all situations.

Qibla Locator uses the spherical trigonometric formula approved by dr Kamal Abdali. The magnetic north pole cannot be trusted, so Qibla Locator uses the geographical north pole instead.

No need anymore for an external compass ! Thanks to the new iPhone 3GS, all you need is included in Qibla Locator.

Just launch Qibla Locator, follow the given direction and you're done.

Coming soon :
Very soon, "Qibla Locator" will give you accurate Muslim salat / prayer times, wherever you are on the planet.
As always, no configuration needed.
Launch it, use it.

Stick It! 1.0(Entertainment)[iTunes]

Price: $.99 -> Free, Version: 1.0

Works great on iPad! Stick It! – The goofy little tilt and balance game that will keep you coming back for more! Place your finger or thumb on the ball and flip it around until the plate is balanced on top of the stick. The challenge is to keep it balanced as the stick gets shorter and shorter. Give it try and you will be hooked on Stick It!

Simplistic design and outstanding physics make this simple game a blast to play.

Check out the demo video on youtube

Features (V1.0)

  • 3 levels of difficulty
  • top ten local scores
  • global leader board

Can you Stick It?

Mind's Eye 1.0(Photography)[iTunes]

Price: $1.99 -> Free, Version: 1.0

Awesome on the iPad! The amazing combination of depth, detail and ability to view while zooming and panning set these two stereograms far apart from others that only contain simple primitive shapes.

These were top sellers in the 90's craze for a reason and they stand today as two of the best ever!. Relax and enjoy crystal clear pan and zoom in 2X mode on the iPad as you journey deep into your Mind’s Eye with these two fabulous stereograms.

To View, just tap on one of the Mind's Eye Images, then relax and look “through” the image as if you are gazing at an object in the distance. Try to maintain parallel, not cross-eyed, vision. Once you are comfortable, start to zoom-in on the image until you visualize the full 3-D effect. With a little practice you will be amazed at the level of detail and will be able to maintain the 3-D effect while scrolling and zooming your way around the image to explore the complete scene.

Credits: We would like to thank media artists Scott Fisher and Perry Hoberman of Telepresence Media for these wonderful stereograms.

Relax and Happy Gazing!

Rotations GTi 1.0.2(Games)[iTunes]

Price: $.99 -> Free, Version: 1.0.2

Rotations GTi is a number puzzle game where you try to arrange numbers on squares to achieve a goal.

You can share your results with friends and family on Twitter and Facebook as well as see how you do in the global top ten high score list.

Rotations GTi will help kids develop math skills and challenge adults to figure out how to solve the puzzle as quickly as possible!

It's a lot of fun and a good challenge.

Rotations GTi will be available soon on the iPhone App Store.


  • 5 Levels of Challenging Puzzles
  • Global Top Ten High Score List
  • Twitter and Facebook Integration

ZOOZbeat 4.2(Music)[iTunes]

Price: $1.99 -> Free, Version: 4.2

ZOOZbeat™, your Music reCreation Studio™, lets you reCreate remix and personalize songs from your favorite musicians. Now features the beats of Too hort, Easy Star All Stars, and Kutiman.

Just shake, tilt , or tap your iPhone or iPod Touch to create your own original music, or reCreate remix and personalize songs from your favorite musicians. There’s nothing else like it!

" addictive as it is entertaining" (Tech Crunch / Washington Post)

"Plenty of programs over the years have promised the non-musically-inclined the magical ability to play music, but few deliver. Judging from the songs people are already uploading to, this app really does…" (Eliot Van Buskirk, Wired)

With all the features of ZOOZbeat Pro (formerly 4.99), like TWO PLAYER MODE, FULL SONGS CREATION, SINGLE NOTE EDITING, NEW INTERFACE, and a brand new STORE, where you can buy beats from well-known artists like Too hort, indie artists like Easy Star All-Stars (reggae), Richard Devine (electronica), Kutiman (funk), and up-and-coming artists like Cato (hip-hop) and Street Lotto (hip-hop).

For iPhone 3G, 3GS and iPod Touch (requires OS 3.0+).

Visit us at:
Follow us on Twitter: @ZOOZbeat

ZOOZbeat is your Music reCreation Studio™
• Unlock your musical expression and creative potential with ZOOZbeat.
• Enter contests and share your music with the world on
• Explore the music of other ZOOZbeat artists users on the phone and on the web.

Start with just a click or select among background beats in a variety of styles. Use shake and tilt movements or tap the screen to create, remix and modify rhythmic and melodic lines. Sing or talk into your phone and ZOOZbeat will fit your voice into the music. You can then replay, modify, and transform your input with fun effects. Synchronize your songs to, where you can listen to, download and share your music with the world using Facebook and Twitter. Listen to live streaming of your songs, friends’ songs as well as featured and recent songs shared by ZOOZbeat artists from around the world directly on your phone.

ZOOZbeat 4.0+ is packed with exciting new features:


ZOOZBEAT STORE: Download free beats right away and purchase new hip-hop, reggae, funk and electronica beats from Indie artists today and (coming soon) from major label artists.

TWO PLAYER MODE (Requires OS 3.0): ZOOZ with a friend using Bluetooth. Choose between two modes of multiplayer interaction:

  1. "FREEFORM" – you and your friend play at the same time; or
  2. "HOT POTATO" – you and your friend each play one instrument at a time sending the beat back and forth between phones.

CREATE FULL SONGS: Create long songs by stringing together up to 8 beat sequences. Play and listen to your songs in either Beat or Entire Song modes. Easily create new sequences with COPY and PASTE for instrumental tracks, voice tracks, and complete beats.

SINGLE NOTE EDITING - Turn to landscape, turn on edit mode, and you'll be able to drag, stretch, add, delete and manipulate specific notes across multiple octaves to perfect your song! Uses our unique “piano-roll” style.

INSTRUMENT CUSTOMIZATION – SWAP out instruments to listen to your tracks in a variety of sounds. Create a personalized set of instruments for each beat. Coming soon: purchase new instrument packs in the ZOOZbeat Store!

SHARE your creations with the world on the all-new ZOOZBEAT.COM. Upload your songs to the web. Listen to and rate other users’ beats. Maintain your own ZOOZbeat Artist page to showcase your work to the world.

ZOOZbeat also comes with a full library of 11 beats, including: Hip-hop, Pop, Techno, Rock, Glitch, Salsa and more.

Solution Zero 1.1(Games)[iTunes]

Price: $.99 -> Free, Version: 1.1

To celebrate Rock Ridge Games' 1st birthday we're making Solution Zero free for the last week of April. Enjoy!

  • OVER 325,000 PUZZLES!
  • Simple pick up and play mechanic – drag and drop operators between numbers and watch your total update as you work towards Solution Zero.
  • 4 levels of difficulty – Are you a whiz, a brain, a genius, or a prodigy? There’s a gameplay level for everyone.
  • Skip button – Stuck on a problem? Skip it and move on to the next one.
  • High Scores – Keep track of your high scores, challenge friends, and view your improvement with each passing game.

Solution Zero is the ultimate in numbers-based puzzle game action, a perfect fit for fans of Sudoku and other brain-building, critical-thinking games.

The object of the game is a simple one: Complete the equation by dragging operators (+, -, x, ÷) between the numbers with the ultimate goal of reaching zero. As you drag and drop operators the total will update, giving you a clear picture of your progress. Each round features 10 equations and you earn a score based on the number of equations solved and the bonus time remaining.

Solution Zero has 4 levels of difficulty to challenge even the most gifted minds. From 1st graders to rocket scientists, there is something for everyone.


  • You cannot put an operator between two digits if the resulting total would be a negative number
  • You cannot put an operator between two digits that would result in a fraction
  • You can replace operators by simply dragging and dropping the new operator over the old one, but you must adhere to the above two rules. If you replace an operator and one further down the string then violates one of the 2 rules, it will be replaced with a yellow box, indicating that you need to choose a different operator for that square.

Powered by Torque

Gyrotate 1.2(Games)[iTunes]

Price: $.99 -> Free, Version: 1.2

Thanks to your votes on, Gyrotate is the Featured FREE App of the Day for April 28, 2010

TOP 25 Puzzle Game in the US, UK & China
TOP 100 Puzzle Game in Australia, France, Canada, Italy, Germany and 15 other countries!

Match 4 or more pieces of the same color by rotating layers on the board.

Every piece you match reduces your quota for that color, progress through each level by making enough matches to reduce all quotas to zero.

It sounds easy, but as you complete each level the quota increases and the timebar decreases at a faster rate. So you'll need all your skill and concentration to keep going!

If you enjoy games like Tetris, Bejeweled, Fling! and Trism, then you'll love Gyrotate.

• Automatic saving, which allows you to come back to the game right where you left off.
• Special pieces such as clocks, bombs and locks enhance the gameplay.
• 3 difficulty settings (easy, normal and hard) to cater for users of all abilities.
• In-game music that will automatically switch itself off if you're already playing music on your iPod/iPhone.
• Hints are provided to help you make matches whenever you get stuck.
• The game detects when there are no more moves available and resets the board so play can always continue.
• Open-ended gameplay means that how far you progress will only be limited by your skill.
• Detailed statistics to help you keep track of every single aspect of your playing habits.

• OpenFeint support.
• 40 achievements to collect.
• Worldwide leaderboards.
• Select music from your iPod library.
• 3 lives per game.
• Highlight layer option to see which layer you're touching.
• More stats are now tracked.

Visit us for support, info, screenshots and much more:

NewsInGraphs 1.1(News)[iTunes]

Price: $.99 -> Free, Version: 1.1

Get the Latest in News, Business Trends, Scientific Finds, Fitness, and What’s Hot in Movies or Music now for FREE

NewsInGraphs is an easy-to-use resource for news, business and industry specific informational trends delivered right to your iPhone with premium content syndicated from McClatchy-Tribune Information Services (MCT) and featuring 500-plus contributors worldwide.

Visual graphics explaining the story have become popular over the past 15 years and with News in Graphs, you can view these new pictorials along with sharing them with colleagues, friends and family.

Some of the Features Include:
• Today’s Top News In Graphs / Pictorials
• Top Music Downloads
• Top Critics Movie Picks
• Business Graphs / Pictorials
• Personal Fitness Pictorials
• Set up your personal settings to view the content you want
• Get Daily updates delivered daily to your iPhone
• Share favorites with friends via email
• Subscribe and create a favorites list
• Rate graphs
• Comment on the graph or news pictorial

You can share your favorite graphs via email right from the app on the iPhone as well as rate and comment on them. With new graphs delivered daily, you will have the latest data at your fingertips to share and use and access to the most comprehensive news and image services available, with broader coverage than you’ll find anywhere else.

About this app:

Now FREE of charge for our subscribers, you now get daily access to McClatchy-Tribune Information Services (MCT) graphics and illustrations published by 500-plus contributors worldwide.

You can keep the same Subscription info / Languages and Requirements

Roulette Strategies 1.1(Lifestyle)[iTunes]

Price: $.99 -> Free, Version: 1.1

You do not want to jot down all hits you scored in your roulette game anymore? You would like to have a helping hand, in order to evaluate these hits and get an overview which numbers are hit especially frequent or infrequent? If this sounds familiar to you, the app "Roulette Strategies" is just the ticket for managing your gambling tables!

After you have created casinos and gambling tables, decide on the strategy you want to pursue during the game. Keep track of the game! By clicking on the numbers shown on the screen you add these hits to the permanence.

With every hit you gain more information about the game. Moreover, the chips show metrics of the particular fields. If you are interested in the "dominants", the chips give a percentage distribution. In contrast, the chips show the number of times/games the respective fields were not hit, if you concentrate on the "remnants".

Please note! "Roulette Strategies" can not predict the next hit! Furthermore, it does not give any advise on which numbers the gamer should bet! This decision is up to you!

Gourmet Timer 1.2(Lifestyle)[iTunes]

Price: $.99 -> Free, Version: 1.2

Gourmet Timer is an easy to use kitchen timer with smart features. It has four independent timers that remember your settings even when the app is closed. In case you must exit to answer incoming calls or switch to other apps timers will automatically continue counting down when you restart Gourmet Timer.

Each timer has a title to identify what’s cooking. Or just visually match each timer to a burner on your stove.


  • Four individual timers with adjustable titles.
  • Adjust remaining while timer is running by tapping +1 or +5 buttons.
  • Set timer for up to 9 hours and 59 minutes.
  • Auto-lock feature is disabled (adjustable) so timer stays visible.

Note: Even though running timers are remembered when the app is closed, Gourmet Timer must be running for the alarm to sound. By design the iPhone doesn't allow 3rd party apps to run in the background.

Grab our other great apps for the kitchen:
Food Substitutes and iPizzeria.

NOTE to iPod 1st Generation users: Because your device doesn't have built-in speakers the timer alarm will be audible only through headphones.

Celebrity Shout 1.0(Entertainment)[iTunes]

Price: $.99 -> Free, Version: 1.0

Free until the end of the week!

Celebrity Shout lets you keep up with your favorite celebrities and other popular figures.

Learn what they're acting in/playing/writing next.

Let your celebrities tell you what the new scoop is in Hollywood, New York, etc.

Find out what's on their mind!

There are hundreds of celebrities to choose from with constant updates from your favorites!

All organized in an nice simple stream with most recent updates from your faves up at the top for easy access.

Tilt Pool 1.0(Games)[iTunes]

Price: $.99 -> Free, Version: 1.0

Tilt Pool is a fun iPhone or iPod game that lets you play pool in a new and fun way. At the beginning of the game the balls are positioned in a given position. By slowly tilting your device, the balls will roll across the pool table. The balls have different friction with the pool table and for this reason move at different speeds. The goal of the game is to roll colored balls into the matching colored pool table pockets. The trick of the game is that if the black ball rolls into any of the pockets - you lose, and have to start again. You have to score maximum points in the minimum time. If a colored ball rolls into the matching colored pocket you gain 20 points, otherwise you gain 10 point.

WARNING: If the black ball rolls into any pocket you LOSE!

Data Hunter 1.02(Games)[iTunes]

Price: $1.99 -> Free, Version: 1.02

In collaboration with OpenFeint's Free Game of the Day, Data Hunter is Free for TODAY only.

You are a DataHunter , a galaxy explorer in search of artifacts and technology to be sold on the black market!

Watch your back, manage your ammo and stay alive!

Features :

  • 8 Story levels
  • 2 survival modes ( one unlockable)
  • Comics!
  • 3 difficulty levels
  • 5 weapons + 1 mech
  • 3 type of enemy
  • 2 boss

Furnishing Milano 2010 1.2(Lifestyle)[iTunes]

Price: $8.99 -> Free, Version: 1.2

Furnishing Milano 2010 - April 14 - 19th.

Have you ever tried to find your favorite exhibitor at the Milano furnishing fair?

The Milano 2010 App provides you with exhibition data. You can search for almost 1700 exhibitors in different categories and get detailed information about them.

You can list exhibitors in your favorite section, take a snap shot with your iPhone and add this together with your personal comments in your fav-list!

The app runs offline - you can trigger an update of the exhibitors list or wait for a new app version just a couple of days before opening.

Voxel 1.2(Entertainment)[iTunes]

Price: $1.99 -> Free, Version: 1.2

** warning: requires OS 3.0 or later, sorry! **

Like Legos in space, Voxel is a fun, easy-to-use 3D-pixel editor. Use it to create simple sculptures, 3D icons, game-levels, or just to doodle with blocks.

Simply tap in empty space to create the first block. From there you can attach new blocks to it by tapping any face. Or, toggle the grid guide to put blocks exactly where you want them. A color palette lets you change colors. Drag your finger on the selected block to rotate your view. Use a two-finger-swipe to rotate the view as well. Use the familiar two-finger pinch motion to zoom in or out -- or just hold your finger in one spot.

Save your files to the device or store them online in the Voxel Gallery. View and rate other people's creations!

Version 1.2

Let us know what else you'd like to see added, email [email protected]!

Fortune Cookie Pick Up Lines 1.3(Entertainment)[iTunes]

Price: $.99 -> Free, Version: 1.3

FREE for a very limited time!

free, Free, FREE! Doesn't that just sound nice? Ahh, Freeeee... This won't last long though, so download the Best App of 2010 now!

The one and only Fortune Cookie that will help you succeed in your LOVE life!

"Fortune Cookie Pick Up Lines has helped me successfully break the ice with the girl of my dreams."

Could this be you (or someone you know)? Are you having trouble at those pivotal moments where you have only one shot? Would you like to increase your success rate? Then Fortune Cookie Pick Up Lines is the App for you!

What is Fortune Cookie Pick Up Lines?

Fortune Cookie Pick Up Lines is an app where you enter your name, proceed to the next page then hand the phone to a girl/guy and say, "Wanna see your fortune?"

Now their hooked and they can't say no, so they open their fortune and it has a fortune for them with your name in it!

It might say something like, "Make like a fabric softener and snuggle with ."

Guaranteed to get a laugh, break the ice and maybe something more!

Over 100+ Fortunes to be viewed and customized to your name, title or profession!

Great for new acquaintances, friends, co-workers and your future spouse!

Final Trick: Fortune Cookie Pick Up Lines will work well the first time automatically, but a five star rating is needed for continuous good luck! : )

홀리넷 1.1.0(Books)[iTunes]

Price: $49.99 -> Free, Version: 1.1.0

☆★그동안 '홀리넷'에 많은 관심과 사랑을 보내주신 분들께 감사의 말씀을 드립니다.★☆

저희 '홀리넷'이 출시된지 한달이 되었습니다. 부족한 '홀리넷'에 주신 많은 사랑과 관심에 보답하고자 1,000분께만 무료로 공급하고자 합니다.

저희가 '홀리넷'을 준비하면서, 최고의 품질로 완벽한 어플을 개발하는 것을 목표로 노력해왔습니다.

이번 출시기념 이벤트를 기점으로 더 나은 어플이 되도록 잠시간의 휴식기간을 가지려 합니다. 다음 홀리넷에서는 한글, 영어, 찬송 합본 어플로 보답하겠습니다. 기대해 주시고, 성원해 주세요.


성경과 찬송가를 하나로!
본 어플리케이션은 오디오 성경과 찬송가를 모두 담았습니다.
최신 번역본인 개역개정 한글 성경과 새찬송가, NIV 영어성경으로 구성되어 있습니다.


  • 한글 개역개정성경 66권 : 오디오 성경과 텍스트 읽기
  • 영어 NIV성경 66권 : 텍스트 읽기
  • 대조성경 : Split-screen을 통해 한글과 영어를 동시에 묵상하세요
  • 새찬송가 : 찬송가 듣기와 악보 표시, 가사로 검색 가능
  • 부 록 : 교독문, 번역별 사도신경과 주기도문, 대표기도예문

특징 및 기능

  • 한/영 성경 검색
  • 한/영 성경 책갈피, 북마크, 하이라이트, 메모(음성과 문자)
  • 한/영 성경 대조읽기
  • 찬송가 검색(장으로, 또는 가사로), 구찬송가와 새찬송가 호환찾기, 즐겨찾기, 랜덤듣기

앞으로 더 많은 기능을 업데이트 예정에 있습니다.

iZurna LT 1.0(Music)[iTunes]

Price: $.99 -> Free, Version: 1.0

New: Tutorial & Step by Step Music Sheet - Now at

New: Ever Changing Wallpaper Gallery Presenting The Best in Arts

Another Woodwind Instrument from the creators of iDuduk, iShvee, and iShaku, the instrument that accompanies the festivities of the high-spirited Armenian Culture.

Zurna (pronounced “zoor-na”) is an ancient Armenian traditional woodwind instrument that can easily be described as being a double reed trumpet. Despite the many variations of form and tuning, the Zurna has a loud, piercing nasal sound. The Zurna has deep roots in the traditional Armenian culture. In fact, there is specific mention of the Zurna in Armenian literature as early as the IX century in the epic story “David of Sasoun”. In the past, Zurna was played during harvests, holidays, outdoor gatherings, weddings, and is even known to have accompanied tight-rope walkers in traveling circuses. Today, just as it did in the past, the Zurna still has an important place in the musical culture and can be heard at weddings and festivals throughout Armenia.

As with the Duduk, the Armenian Zurna is most commonly played in pairs, with one musician playing the lead melody and the other playing a continual drone note (called the “dum”) that is held by circular breathing. However, unlike the Duduk which is often played without percussion, the Zurna is almost always accompanied by the Dhol (the traditional, double sided drum).

The range of the instrument is roughly a single octave, and as with the other Armenian wind instruments (namely the Duduk and the Shvee), the notes are laid out diatonically. It is important to note that you do not use a “forked tuning” with the Zurna, as it will only cause the reed to pinch up and squawk. Therefore, in order to get chromatic scales you have to “half hole” each note. To make this easier, however, the holes have been made relatively large compared to the overall size of the instrument. This not only gives the instrument a loud, clear sound, it also allows for more play between the notes.

The iZurna™ LT version does not support the chromatic note option because the iPhone being an electronic device has its limitations, therefore we have only included the C major scale starting from low middle C going up to high D in the second octave which will also make the application more consumer friendly.

Key Features of iZurna™ LT
• In the Blow Mode, blow into your microphone to play music
• In the Press Mode option, simply play by pressing down the holes (for iPod Touch users as well)
• Press down individual holes to change pitch within one octave
• The Blow Mode includes 9 notes including the open blow middle C
• The Press Mode includes 8 notes D-Dorian
• In the Duet Mode, use the ‘Dum (Drone) slider to choose a pitch to harmonize and enrich your melody.

The Artists
• In the info section on top right corner, find out more about the recording Zurna virtuosos. You may purchase their music through the link provided.

The Upcoming Versions
• The upcoming iZurna™ PR will feature options such as recording, sharing, and rating through our website,
• You will also have the opportunity to perform over pre-arranged instrumental loops in many styles, which are offered with the XT version.

iShvee LT 1.0(Music)[iTunes]

Price: $.99 -> Free, Version: 1.0

New: Tutorial & Step by Step Music Sheet - Now at

New: Ever Changing Wallpaper Gallery Presenting The Best in Arts

Another Woodwind Instrument from the creators of iDuduk and iZurna, this instrument simply brings you the missing sound of the Armenian Culture.

The Shvee (Armenian: Շվի) (pronounced sh-vee) which means whistle in Armenian, is a woodwind instrument with a labium mouth piece. Commonly made of wood (apricot, buxus, ebony ) or bamboo and up to 12 inches in length, it typically has a range of 2 octaves. The shvi is up to 12 inches in length and is made of reed, the bark of willows, or walnut wood. It has 8 holes on the front, 7 of which are used while playing, and 1 thumbhole. One octave is obtained by blowing normally into the shvi and a second octave is attained by blowing with slightly more force. The lower octave has a timbre similar to a recorder whereas the higher octave sounds similar to a piccolo or flute. Typically, most Armenian duduk or zurna players learn the shvee before moving on to either instrument.

The tuning is basically untempered and diatonic, though chromatic notes may be obtained by partially covering the finger holes. The iShvee™ LT version does not support the chromatic note option because the iPhone being an electronic device has its limitations, therefore we have only included the C major scale starting from low middle C going up to high D in the second octave which will also make the application more consumer friendly.

Key Features of iShvee™ LT
• In the Blow Mode, blow into your microphone to play music
• In the Press Mode option, simply play by pressing down the holes (for iPod Touch users as well)
• Press down individual holes to change pitch within one octave
• The Blow Mode includes 9 notes including the open blow middle C
• The Press Mode includes 8 notes D-Dorian
• In the Duet Mode, use the ‘Dum (Drone) slider to choose a pitch to harmonize and enrich your melody.

The Artists
• In the info section on top right corner, find out more about the recording Shvee virtuosos such as Ararat Petrossian, Norik Manukian, and composer/film maker Sevada's debut album called Palpitation of Soul released in 1995 where you can hear Ararat Petrossian's tasteful improvisational skills in a track called "Sos". It's a must have.

The Upcoming Versions
• The upcoming iShvee™ PR will feature options such as recording, sharing, and rating through our website,
• You will also have the opportunity to perform over pre-arranged instrumental loops in many styles, which are offered with the XT version.

Yachts 1.1(Entertainment)[iTunes]

Price: $.99 -> Free, Version: 1.1

Limited Time Only - Free!

Paul Allen, Roman Abromovich and Larry Ellison. Justin Timberlake, Jack Black, Madonna, Jay Z and Beyonce. What do these names have in common? The good life! And they know how to live it up in style aboard one of these incredible yachts.

Let’s face it, most of us ordinary folk will never have the opportunity to come into contact with such a symbol of wealth, fame and success. That is, until now. Made especially for your iPhone or iPod touch, Yachts makes you feel like you’re living the life of the rich and famous with this exquisitely designed photo gallery of the 50 most expensive yachts in the world.

A single tap of your finger takes you aboard one of these awe inspiring vessels; with another tap, you’ll see all of the stats and credentials that make it worthy of status as a true monster among yachts. 50 of the largest yachts known to man, from the modest 50 million yacht, to the massive 500 million mega yacht are ranked by size, price and amenities. Each yacht more elaborate than the last, they're all guaranteed to leave you speechless.

Included in the statistics for each yacht are the length, weight, and structural material, as well as its fuel capacity and maximum speed. Each yacht owner typically incorporates their own, unique "feature". Some might sound too good to be true, that's why we included those as well.

Curious who would own such a vessel? There’s even a little tidbit of information about the famous (or infamous) person who owns her, and those privileged celebrities who've been onboard them.

With this arrangement of seagoing beauties on your iPhone or iPod Touch, you’ll feel like you have the sun in your face and the wind in your hair even on the coldest and rainiest of days. Sure, you'll probably never actually own one of these mega yachts, but it doesn't hurt to dream, does it?

We hope you enjoy!

Future updates will include:

  • Pinch and swipe gestures.
  • More yachts.
  • More pictures of each yacht.
  • Collections of your favorite yachts.
  • More interesting facts.
  • An eBook on how to get a job on a yacht!

We welcome any suggestions!

Vint B&W 1.2(Photography)[iTunes]

Price: $.99 -> Free, Version: 1.2

Shoot black and white pictures with your iPhone and Vintage Black & White.

  • Supports autofocus (tap to focus) for iPhone 3GS.
  • Stores images in full resolution

More photos can be found on the site or on flickr (vintiphone).

See also: Vint Shift, Vint Green, Vint Red.

Vint Shift 1.1(Photography)[iTunes]

Price: $.99 -> Free, Version: 1.1

Shoot Tilt/Shift images with your iPhone.

Example usages:

  • Make life-sized objects look like miniature,
  • Make portraits pop by only having focus on the eyes of your subject,
  • Simulate depth of field

See also: Vint B&W, Vint Green, Vint Red

Please take good care of yourself.

Squijd 1.00(Utilities)[iTunes]

Price: $.99 -> Free, Version: 1.00


Squijd is an application that lets you capture and send bits of your computer screen to your iPhone.

Use it to copy travel directions, a recipe idea, family pictures, notes of things to remember - the list is endless.

Anything you can see on your computer you can now send your (or a friend's!) iPhone.

Squijd has got two components, the iPhone App you download here and a PC or Mac program you can download, free of charge, from here:

Once you have downloaded the iPhone App it's FREE to use.

• Ever seen something interesting on the web you wished you could later see on your phone?
• Wished you could see a snippet from a document on your phone?
• Have you ever seen something amusing that you wished you could send to a friend's phone?
• Wandered around a supermarket trying to remember the ingredients from that recipe you found on the internet?
• Ever got an email with travel directions that you have had to print out because you're going to need it later?
• Ever had a table or list you've been trying to learn, but never had the list with you?

Simple to use, just frame the bit of your desktop you are interested in and send it to your phone.

The bit of your screen will be "pushed" to the phone, so it is available to see in moments.

iCopyU 1.0(Games)[iTunes]

Price: $.99 -> Free, Version: 1.0

Do you have good short term memory? Not sure? Play iCopyU and find out! Follow the random sequence of lights and sounds, trying not to make any mistakes.

There are three games to choose from:

Game 1: 2x2 Four multi-colored lights / Four Sounds.
Game 2: 5's multi-colored lights / Five Sounds.
Game 3: 4x4 Blue lights / Multi Sounds.

Four lives in each game and a higher score if you choose a harder difficulty.

See if you can beat the team hi score of 1683!

Flashcards Pro 1.1(Education)[iTunes]

Price: $1.99 -> Free, Version: 1.1

Flashcard Pro allows you to download unlimited public decks that your friends have made from the website. New features include:

  • Customize text size
  • Shuffle cards
  • Study only missed cards
  • Flip question & answer
  • Lock in landscape view
  • Create a max of 50 cards per deck
  • Search public decks by title or description
  • Study with score tracker, start with 100% and see how well you do

Study anywhere you are, internet connection is only needed when downloading your private decks or searching public decks.

Delete each card deck by swiping the cell to either the left or right and push the delete button. Delete and load as many decks as you want and keep your deck list fresh.

Dr. Nano- 3D Artery Adventure 1.0.7(Games)[iTunes]

Price: $.99 -> Free, Version: 1.0.7

PLEASE NOTE: Supports 3G and 3GS (NOT 2G)


(Do Not Delete Game When Completed!)


Next UPDATE: Exclusive Dr Nano X Lite- New Missions on Foot

Dr Nano will Walk, Run, Jump and of course SHOOT

New Medical Devices



Online World High Score
New Stent Delivery
Full Audio Mission Briefings
Audio Controls- Background Music Shutoff and Sound Effects
New Graphics
Massive Speed Optimizations


Dr. Nano, the child doctor genius uses future Nanotechnology to shrink down to the size of a blood cell and treat his patients from the inside-out.

Critics Are Saying:
"3D Graphics are impressive, music and sounds effects add a great value to the overall game experience. It is simply a lot of fun and I am sure this game will only get better as time goes on and newer version are release to the public. I would give it 5 out of 5 stars! Games like this make iPhone a real gaming platform!" - Tyson Williams,

"It shows. This is why I'm so excited about the other "organ levels" (as odd as that sounds), because the heart level is really cool. Your hard work truly shows guys...great job!" - Sizzlakalonji, Toucharcade Forums

• 2 Levels of Game Play Normal and Expert
• 21 Exciting Levels (More to Come)
• Free swim Levels using a Force Field
• Fly around in a Foglet Nano Submarine
• Battle the Mother of All Parasites
• Blast Away Plaque
• Shake off White Blood Cell Attacks
• Destroy Nasty Viruses
• Blast Swimming Parasites
• Upgrade your Medical Device Defense System
• Place a Futuristic Heart Stent
• Fly through the arteries of the human body and into the heart
• Speed Round Bonus Scoring

Check out the video on You tube:

25 Boxes 1.0(Games)[iTunes]

Price: $.99 -> Free, Version: 1.0

25 Boxes will put your brain and your peripheral vision to the test. Search for numbers, letters or symbols and point at the box in the opposing grid where they fit. To use your peripheral vision, try to keep your eyes focused on the grid that is filled. The game consist of 25 levels, levels 20 to 25 are a bit harder because the input grid is turned or mirrored. To get a good score, you have to be fast and make no errors. For every error that you make, you will lose 1000 points. If you don’t finish the level before the time runs out, the game will end.

The game is made for both right and left-handers.

There are two playing modes: Normal and Swap mode.
Swap mode switches the postion of the input area from level to level.

Local and online highscores are available for both modes. Online highscores are provided by AGON Online.

AGON Online by Aptocore ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ AGON Online is a leading social gaming platform for iPhone and iPod Touch games enabling:
• Online leaderboards
• Location aware scores
• Awards system
• Friends lists
• Persistent player profile
• Facebook and Twitter integration

For more info on AGON Online please visit:

USA Radar 1.0(Weather)[iTunes]

Price: $.99 -> Free, Version: 1.0

IMPORTANT: You change the settings by going into the 'Settings' app on the device and selecting the 'Radar' entry in the bottom section.

USA Radar provides you with real-time radar imagery for 160 sites across America. The radar images are streamed from the National Weather Service (NWS) website so the content is sure to be accurate and relevant.


  • Real-time radar imagery from 160 radar locations across America
  • Radar overlays to help you identify weather activity relative to landmarks and cities.
  • Can display 6 different types of weather data. They include Radar (Base and Composite), Velocity (Storm Relative and Base), and Rainfall (1 hour total and storm total)
  • A static view which simply displays the most recent radar image.
  • An animation view which displays radar images in an animation so that you can view speed and direction of weather activity. Animation view can activated simply by double-tapping the radar image and selecting the 'Play' button.
  • GPS support for automatic configuration. If you select "GPS Configuration" as your radar station, USA Radar will automatically detect a radar station closest to you. (This feature is only compatible with the iPhone 3G.)

Upcoming Features:

  • More GPS-related features.
  • Display short-term weather forecasts so that the current weather activity can be compared with forecasted weather.

Metal Euchre 1.60(Games)[iTunes]

Price: $1.99 -> Free, Version: 1.60

Free for a limited time. Tell your friends.

♠♥ Euchre and Dirty Clubs! ♦♣

Are you ready for a challenging game of Euchre!? Well bring your 'A' game with this top adaptation of the classic card game for your iPhone or iPod Touch.

Features Include:
♦ Euchre and Dirty Clubs
♦ Computer Players Settings - Choose name and play style
♦ Hang the Dealer Option
♦ Play with '7s and 8s' Option
♦ 'Play To' Setting
♦ Choice of Table and Deck
♦ Sound on/off
♦ Help System

So get your Euchre Action right on your iPhone or iPod Touch when you only have a minute.

Euchre is a four player game similiar to Hearts and Spades in which you and a computer partner play against two computer opponents to get tricks.

Dirty Clubs is a form of Buck Euchre where each player plays and bids alone unless a club is turned up, then all players must play and get a trick.

Fans of Hearts, Spades, Bridge, and Euckre will enjoy our Metal Euchre.

And check out our other Games:

♦♦ All-In Poker - With 8 poker Variations

♦ Jezster - A game for all ages.
♦ Poker Stacks - Match 3 meets video poker.
♦ Metal Tri-Peaks - Addicting Solitaire

Master of Gomoku 1.0.1(Games)[iTunes]

Price: $.99 -> Free, Version: 1.0.1

Master of Gomoku is a strategy board game where you try to get 5 of your stones in a row before the other player. It has 3 levels of AI to play against the computer and 2 player mode as well. The journey is easy to begin, but hard to master. Can you become a Master of Gomoku?

In Gomoku the dark color plays first, and players alternate in placing a stone of their color on an empty intersection. The winner is the first player to get an unbroken row of five stones horizontally, vertically, or diagonally.

The origin of Gomoku comes from China but the name "Gomoku" is from the Japanese language. Gomoku is also known as Gobang, Omok, Pente and Five In A Row.

Both one and two player modes.
Fun AI with 3 levels (beginner, medium, hard).
Board sizes from 8x8 through 15x15.
Great background music and sounds.

Thanks for buying Master of Gomoku!

Tongue Twister Pro 1.0(Books)[iTunes]

Price: $.99 -> Free, Version: 1.0

Free for 48 hours! Tell a friend, spread the word! If you enjoy this application, feel free to leave a great review. Enjoy!

Tongue Twisters are so much fun! Fun for kids and fun for adults.

Some may be as simple as a couple of words while others are tongue-tripping poetry itself.

Tongue Twisters are scientifically proven to help the development of clear speech!

They may leave you feeling silly or then again, feeling very proud.

So go ahead, open them up and say them until "These thousand tricky tongue twisters trip thrillingly off the tongue".

Have fun and enjoy!

• Over 100 tongue Twisters
• Easy to read, clean format
• Shake for random feature
• Email a friend a Tongue Twister feature

BumpPets: Running Robot 1.00(Games)[iTunes]

Price: Free, Version: 1.00

Free for a limited time

Battle your friends or enemies with Bump Pets by bumping your iPhones, iPod Touches, or even iPads together.

Running Robot is a quick and strong war robot. It is simple crush your enemies with his feet or pound them into dust with his fists. The more it battles the stronger it gets. Fight your friends or just spar by yourself. Earn items that will even the playing field and allow you to crush weaker opponents.

If Running Robot is not your style try "BumpPets: Aalina" or BumpPets: War Duck". They can all fight together just by bumping into each other.

ReBounce: brick breaking evolved 1.5(Games)[iTunes]

Price: $1.99 -> Free, Version: 1.5

"Rebounce is a fast-paced game. Half action, half puzzle, it transforms a simple ball-breaking premise into a devilishly addicting experience." - 148 Apps ☆☆☆☆ Rating

✔ "I love the game" - Touch Arcade Review
✔ ReBounce Gameplay Video:

Gain style points and create massive chains in this insanely addictive arcade game that matches your skill against gravity and growing columns of marbles.

Simple controls allow anyone to interact directly with the world. Use your finger to take control and drag-release the puck in any direction to add speed and easily move around the screen.

148Apps Review:
Rebounce is a fast-paced game. Half action, half puzzle, it transforms a simple ball-breaking premise into a devilishly addicting experience. Best of all, it’s extraordinarily cheap.

Touch Arcade review:
"I just spent the entirety of a two and a half hour flight knocking out marbles with my puck, never finding it turn tedious. ... ReBounce seems a rather solid bit of iPhone gaming for your dollar."

Find weak spots and create chains to keep back growing columns of marbles, gears, and bombs.

Listen to your own music while you play!

Combine skill, style, and luck to create massive chains, get bonus points, and beat high scores.

ReBounce Game Features:
✔ 5 simple lessons that teach you to play
✔ 40 levels in total
✔ 10 self-generating levels
✔ Different every-time you play for maximum replay-ability
✔ 20 practice levels
✔ Full motion tilt driven backgrounds
✔ Open Feint Global Leaderboards and Achievements

Updates Coming Soon – new levels, backgrounds, and power-ups.

Visit the Romper Games support page to let us know what you'd like to see next!

Tune Runner Fusion 1.3(Games)[iTunes]

Price: $1.99 -> Free, Version: 1.3

Tune Runner Fusion in collaboration with is FREE today!

This is the unlimited and ad-free version of Tune Runner - the musical shape-drawing game!

Listen with Your Finger!

Explore your music library in an all new way with this unique song-based game! The number of levels are limited only by the music you already own - no special music tracks to buy!

Listen - Draw - Run!

If you can draw a shape, you already know how to play! Using a single finger, guide Groov-EE the dancing boom-box through the songs in your music library. Trace obstacles to turn them into musical energy that keeps Groov-EE dancing!

Share Your Mojo WIth The World

Every song creates a fun level with its own worldwide scoreboard. Because each song is its own unique level, you can compete with anyone in the world, anytime, anywhere. Prove yourself the best on the planet by climbing to the top of our featured Open Feint global leader boards. Use your favorite track or try your hand playing the most popular songs on Tune Runner’s Hot Tunes chart for an extra challenge!

Special Angels & Airwaves Bonus Track!

Tune Runner includes a special re-mix of the new Angels & Airwaves’ single “Hallucinations” from the brand new Angels & Airwaves album, “Love”.

Math-Tour 1.2.0(Education)[iTunes]

Price: $1.99 -> Free, Version: 1.2.0

☆ Flex your math muscles on a Math-Tour! ☆

Train your mathematical skills.
While you do so you travel through different countries. The more problems you solve the longer your route will be.
During your journey you will face varying addition, subtraction, multiplication and division problems.
While solving the problems you will expose a beautiful picture of the location.
If all problems in a level have been solved you will proceed to the location.

You start your tour with North America and can proceed to Europe and Oceania.

With Math-Tour you enhance your calculation skills with fun.

This game is for all who love to play math games.

✔ Single-Player Mode
✔ Multiplayer Mode
✔ Career Mode
✔ Addition, subtraction, multiplication, division
✔ Fractions, factorials and Roman numerals
✔ Individual Handicaps in Multiplayer Mode
✔ High Scores
✔ Bonus Levels
✔ Time Bonus

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