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아이폰 무료 어플 FAQ

오늘은 총 13개의 어플을 소개하겠다. 오늘은 비교적 고가의 어플도 있지만 건질만한 것은 눈에 띄지 않는다. iRandom은 평상시 1불, 이번 주까지 무료로 제공되는 어플이다. 난수를 만드는 어플이다. 다만 다른 난수 발생기와는 달리 난수를 만들기 위해 소리를 이용한다. iSuperMe는 평상시 1불, 오늘만 무료로 제공되는 게임 어플이다. 화면 아래의 손과 발을 터치하면 캐릭턱가 손과 발로 박자에 맞춰 양옆의 공을 치는 게임이다.

Boxterity는 3차원 큐브를 돌려 색갈을 찾는 게임 어플이다. 평상시 1불, 오늘만 무료로 제공된다. Cellar Rat은 평상시 3불이나 하는 어플이다. 이모티콘을 이용한 와인 품질 평가 어플이라고 한다. Super Notebook은 평상시 1불, 오늘만 무료로 제공되는 노트북 어플로 지겹지 않도로 슈퍼마리오 스타일로 만든 것이라고 한다.

At Once는 Type while walking!이라는 부제에서 알 수 있듯이 걸어 가면서 글을 입력할 수 있도록 하는 어플이다. 그림을 보면 알 수 있지만 카메라를 통해 길이 보이는 것을 알 수 있다. 평상시 1불, 몇 시간 동안 무료로 제공된다. ACTRocket는 Web Search Accelerator라는 부제에서 알 수 있듯이 웹 검색을 빠르게 할 수 있도록 하는 어플이다. 평상시 1불에 판매되며 피드백을 위해 무료로 제공된다.

Bliss는 평상시 1불, 발렌타인 데이를 기념해서 무료로 제공되는 게임 어플이다. Jumping Balls은 평상시 2불에 판매되는 어플이다. 그림이나 설명을 보면 2불의 가치는 없을 듯하다. Sunday Lawn은 평상시 1불, 제한된 시간 동안 무료로 제공되는 진디깍기 게임 어플이다. Big Hockey Trivia는 평상시 1불, 오늘만 무료로 제공되는 어플이다. 아이스 하키에 대한 정보를 퀴즈 형식으로 제공한다.

Fuel Coach는 Less Fuel for your car라는 부제에서 알 수 있듯이 차의 연료를 조금이라도 덜들도록 돕는 어플이다. 평상시 1불, 오늘만 무료로 제공된다. SkyMemo는 오늘 소개하는 어플 중 가장 비싼 어플이다. 평상시 6불이나 하는 메모 어플이다. 그러나 개인적으로는 이 어플 보다는 Awesome Note를 더 추천하는 편이다.

마지막으로 무료 어플에 대한 소식을 조금 더 빨리 알고 싶다면 를 읽고 팔로하기 바란다. 트위터로는 글을 통해 소개하기 힘든 100명 한정, 한시간만 무료와 같을 어플도 올리기 때문이다. 마지막으로 트위터를 통한 질문에는 거의 답하지 않는다. 트위터를 이렇게 운영하는 이유는 트위터 운영 노하우 및 팁라는 글을 보면 된다. 따라서 트위터로 질문하고 답이 없다고 서운해 하지 않았으면 한다. 질문을 하고 싶다면 반드시 블로그에 관련글을 찾아 올리거나 도아의 QNA를 이용하기 바란다.

iRandom! 1.0(Productivity)[iTunes]

Price: $0.99 -> Free

A must have app for everyone
FREE this weekend only

*****What the testers say*****
This app changed the way random number is generated. The theme is superb with sounds and finally a good random app.

Why do you need random? to do random things :) well no it's just because sometimes you need a quick dice to roll or to select a random person or even to decide whether to take a decision or not. Our random app uses MRB - Micro radio brainology technique to determine what should be the right number(well just kidding but we wish we could come up with that). Often choosing a random number needs some thrilling or even a visual treat. Think you're with your friend and you want to pick something, this app with it's different theme to generate random number will actually better serve your purpose as well as be a visual treat. Also if you are one of the youtubers who do giveaways then this is the perfect app as this will impress your viewers. Now did we just say enough about this app? check out how this app work.

iSuperMe 1.0(Games)[iTunes]

Price: $0.99 -> Free


iSuperMe with unique game design is a simple yet very addictive game.

Are you more of a left brain or right brain person? If you are pretty balanced in the middle, chances are you will succeed iSuperMe.


  • Unique game design
  • Advance graphics and sound effects
  • Two game modes
  • Challenging fun for kids of all ages
  • Global online high scores

NOTICE: iSuperMe v1.1 will greatly improve inside game instructions how to efficiently play the game, till then please read the following:

Game Objectives:

  • correctly hit part of the balls, you can use ALL possible combinations.
  • valid hits per ball are:
    • hand hits the flesh colour part of the ball == you score
    • leg hits the yellow colour part of the ball == you score
    • leg or hand hit the blue colour of the ball == you get additional energy point

Game Controls:

At the bottom of the screen you have main touch controls.

Upper left corner:
max 5 small balls (flesh colour) represent energy level for both hands.

Upper right corner:
max 5 small balls (yellow colour) represent energy level for both legs.

NOTE: whenever you hit ( except when you hit the blue part of the ball ) you loose one energy point. Whenever you hit the blue part, you get 3 additional energy points.

About Scoring (Time mode):
Less remaining time == less score.
-2x bonus (only for one side hit):
*first hit the one side (use leg/hand and left/right)
* the next two hits must be preformed on the other side using the same hit control (hand/leg).
e.g. left leg; right leg; right leg
right leg; left leg; left leg
left hand; right hand; right hand
right hand; left hand; left hand

-3x bonus (only for double side hit):
*the second hit must be a "mirror" of the first hit
e.g. left leg and right hand; left hand and right leg
left leg and right leg; left hand and right hand

The game ends, if you are out of energy or time runs out.

About Timing (Time mode):

-game starts with 99s left counter ( the lower small ball with the counter on it )
-whenever you successfully hit, you'll get additional time:
*one-side hit: +2s
*double-side hit: +6s

About Scoring (Challenge mode):

-In this mode computer randomly selects one combination you must hit in finite amount of time (23s):
-if you are fast enough you can get 2x/3x bonus
*one-side hit:
**2x bonus: challenge solved in less then 5s
**3x bonus: challenge solved in less then 2s

*double-side hit:
**2x bonus: challenge solved in less then 8s
**3x bonus: challenge solved in less then 5s

The game ends if - you miss the combination, you are out of energy or time runs out.

About Energy:

  • whenever the energy level (either for legs or hands) is low (only one point left), you will get the !ENERGY! warning on the screen.
  • you can also use double-side hit to get additional energy for legs and hands at the same time.

About Spinning Speed of the Balls:

  • in idle mode, the balls starts to slow down.
  • whenever you successfully hit, the spinning speed of the ball will start to increase.
  • tilt in direction you want to slow down the spinning speed of particular ball.
  • press the timer ball to increase spinning speed of both balls at the same time.

Touch Controls:

the one-side hit is triggered whenever you release the control.
-the double-side hit is triggered whenever you release one of controls.
In this way you can always plan a hit in advance, you just press one, then the other and hold the controls, when the time is right, release one of them

-To be more challenging, the hit always starts in the middle of up-down idle animation of main character. You must take this latency into account when triggering a hit.

Boxterity 1.1(Games)[iTunes]

Price: $0.99 -> Free

Free for today only

Boxterity for iPhone and iPod touch

This amazing 3D game challenges you to find a certain color on a 3D cube by spinning the cube any direction you want and tapping on the color when you find it. Boxterity has two different modes of play to choose from. Arcade mode where you race to finish before the clock runs out and casual mode where there is no time limit but you get more points for finishing quicker. Boxterity also has support for OpenFeint where you can track your scores and achievements and compare them to your friends.

  • Cool 3D levels
  • Awesome game play
  • 30 different Levels
  • OpenFeint Achievements and Score Boards

How to Play:

The background shows you what color to find. Slide you finger across the screen to spin the cube. When you find a side with the color that matches the background color tap it. The side will turn back to white and you can begin the search for the next color.

At the top of your screen, displayed from left to right is your current score, level time, and current level. Below the current level is the sides remaining to find.

For Arcade mode you will be racing against the clock. You will have 25 seconds to clear the level. Be careful the levels get bigger and you'll have to click more and more sides to complete them.

For Casual mode you have unlimited time to finish the level but you will get nice bonuses for finishing faster.

For more of a challenge and to earn more points, try clicking multiple sides in under 1 second. The more clicks you can do in a second the bigger the bonus.

Boxterity also supports OpenFeint so you can track your best times per level and your fastest time to go through all 30 levels. Boxterity also has 15+ achievements for you to try and unlock for extra achievement points.

Cellar Rat 1.02(Lifestyle)[iTunes]

Price: $2.99 -> Free

Cellar Rat is a simple and intuitive mobile wine quality rating system that uses emoticons to provide wine quality ratings by region and year for over sixty wine regions worldwide and two decades of vintages. Cellar Rat is easy to use and fun, and, most importantly, can be used by novice as well as experienced wine drinkers for quick and meaningful results.

It was specifically designed for use in wine bars, restaurants, and wine shops, where reliable information is often lacking and decisions must be made quickly.

Here are a few examples of how to use it:

  • You are not sure where to start in a wine shop. Check Cellar Rat to see what vintages and regions offer the best chance of choosing a great bottle.
  • You are not familiar with a wine bar's or restaurant’s wine list. Cellar Rat can show you the best regions for a given year in seconds.
  • You can not remember whether 2002 or 2000 was the better year in Friuli? The answer is right at your fingertips.

Try it out and join wine drinkers worldwide who are using Cellar Rat everyday to help them buy wine with speed and confidence.

Super Notebook 1.01(Productivity)[iTunes]

Price: $0.99 -> Free

One Day Free
If you don't like Super Mario,Don't download this please. You won't be able to read the instruction. ☆ Pipe, flower, mushroom are buttons ☆

Super Notebook is a simple notebook app.Besides what other notebook applications can do.

  1. It support text and photo in the same page.
    [screenshot 3]

  2. You can change text color, size and backgroung Image
    (You design it,not just change background color and patterns,you can even design the button image inside your notebooks)
    [no screenshot, because everybody's notebooks could be so different, you can get background image download from our website, or desgin it yourself]

  3. Support multiple notebook and sub-level directory.sub-level directory is cruical when you have more than 200 notes.
    [screenshot 2] (other notebook applications just support multiple notebooks)

  4. You can share a notebook file through wifi.
    [screenshot 4]

  5. Super Mario Style, not boring.

If you don't like Super Mario or want a more professional app, DiyDict is your better choice.

At Once - Type while walking! 1.0(Social Networking)[iTunes]

Price: $0.99 -> Free

At Once is a new and fun way to update your status or send an email while walking! Update your Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn status all at once.
★★★ FREE FOR A FEW HOURS ONLY ★★★ If you like it, please write a nice review or tell your friends about it!


At Once uses your iPhone camera to display what's going on directly in front of you. This will help to make sure you don't run into lamppost or step on a delightful "present" left by a pet on the sidewalk.

Even if you don't have a camera, At Once is still a useful tool that lets you update your status on multiple social networks with one click.


  • Update your status on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn at the same time. (*in app)
  • Send an email. (*in app)
  • Shorten URLs (links) in your message to maximize message capacity (
  • Copy the message and paste it into any other app
  • Turn the camera on/off
  • Landscape keyboard support
  • Shake to clear the current message

★ Unlike other tools, you do not have to leave the app in order to update your status or send an email!

What are you waiting for??? Get it At Once!

Want a free a copy? send us a funny tweet at @rediapps

ACTRocket ★ Web Search Accelerator 1.0(Productivity)[iTunes]

Price: $0.99 -> Free

FREE in exchange for your feedback.
Leave a REVIEW if you like ACTRocket. Email us if not.

ACTRocket allows for quick searching of web sites and search engines. It not only speeds up the process. It saves on your data plan: you no longer need to load web pages just to get to the search form.

Running a web search couldn't be any faster. Just type "g houdah" to search Google for the word houdah. Type "y houdah" for the same search using Yahoo!

ACTRocket comes pre-configured with many popular search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing) as well as a large selection of web sites (Wikipedia, IMDB, …). You may, of course, add your own favorites and assign shortcuts of your choosing.

For times where you don't remember shortcuts, you may select a search engine from a list which is filtered as you type.

ACTRocket also remembers your recent searches. Running it again is a matter of a single tap. This allows you to easily run the same search across several sites. Type "imdb Serious Man" to search IMDB. Hit the back button. Select "Rotten Tomatoes". Then select "Serious Man" from the recent searches list. Now you are reading movie reviews.

By default, search results are displayed within the application. Selecting a result takes you to Safari. Once you return to ACTRocket you will find your search results still waiting for you. Proceed to selecting the next entry from the list to return to Safari.


More info, FAQ & support:

If you like ACTRocket, please take the time to write a review. If not, email us at support.iphone [at] Your feedback shapes the future of our products!

Please do check out our other products: ACTPrinter (Virtual Paper), ACTCurrency (Currency Converter), ACTGratuity (Tip Calculator) & ACTSudoku (Unlimited Sudoku).

Bliss 1.1.7(Games)[iTunes]

Price: $0.99 -> Free

‘Appy Valentine’s Day special - FREE game this weekend only! “This is one concept I hope everyone steals.” -Levi Buchanan,

Play well, do good! Hours of captivating fun with this scintillating shape and color matching puzzle. Enjoy Zen-inspired levels, infinite board combinations, mod designs, hip music and mesmerizing gameplay. PLUS experience the bonus play of Bliss Mode!

To learn more about Bliss, please visit

From Mobile Deluxe™, the trusted authority in casual games since 2003.



“This is one of the most addictive games I’ve ever played...” - Jhenny B Favelus


  • EFFORTLESS PLAY: With just one finger you can easily rotate, move and slide your pieces.
  • OUTSTANDING DESIGNS: Soothing colors and modern graphics meet simple and addictive gameplay.
  • RE-PLAYABLE: Countless repeats, lifetime scoring and nearly 10,000 unique game boards.
  • BLISS MODE: Fill the Mood Bar and experience a compelling shift in perspective with striking colors, beautiful music and double the points.

CHECK OUT other Mobile Deluxe™ games

  • Solitaire Deluxe® 16-Pack
  • Sudoku Deluxe® Green Edition
  • Conspiracy Theory: Area 51 (launched Feb 12)



Jumping Balls 1.0(Games)[iTunes]

Price: $1.99 -> Free


Good ratings will bring you new updates.

Coming Soon FREE New Character update.

Addictive Fun. If you like Doodle Jump you will love Jumping Balls.

Be careful... balls coming everywhere.
Dodge the balls tilting your iPhone/iPod Touch
Beautiful graphics, perfect control, basic, FUN FUN and FUN

Take the shield ball to protect a blow.
How many time do you stand?

Sunday Lawn 1.10(Games)[iTunes]

Price: $0.99 -> Free


For a limited time only, SUNDAY LAWN is available for FREE! Tell your friends!

Also, check out our other FREE full games during this crazy campaign:

  • "Titanic Rescue"
  • "Traffic Rush"
  • "Rudolph's Kick n Fly"

Search the AppStore for "Donut Games"

The grass is growning rampant in the neighborhood, and there's only one man to call!

Ladies and gentlemen - Meet Charlie and his wild mower.
Join him in his sunday work to clear up the neighborhood yard by yard, but watch out for poopy dogs, angry hedgehogs and other obstacles.


  • THREE game modes:
  • 1: "Challenge Mode"
  • 2: "Arcade Mode"
  • 3: "Bonus Game"
  • Collect Stars and improve your Rank in Challenge Mode: 30 varying lawns to master
  • Reach the highest score in Arcade Mode: 8 levels to beat
  • Keep Charlie sleeping in "Sweet Dreams", the included bonus game where you must keep sheep bouncing over the fences
  • Global High Score support
  • 3 control modes
  • And much more...

Enjoy another Donut Games release!

Big Hockey Trivia 1.0(Games)[iTunes]

Price: $0.99 -> Free


Have you ever been apart of a bar quiz when it comes to the sport trivia portion of the night, and all you do is hope that you can parade your miraculous knowledge of ice hockey? Nevertheless instead you slide down into your seat whilst avoiding your team member’s eye sight awhile the endless football and golf questions fly right over your head.

Your knowledge of the beloved sport shouldn’t be bound to the rink, you too should be able to get respect, win honour and maybe win a drink or two by challenging your friends to the Onteca Big Hockey Quiz.

This quiz is in multiple-choice format, and let the novice beware - its designed to appeal to the dedicated fan that knows their stuff. To score well on this quiz you will need a broad historical knowledge of the game and its statistics, names and dates.

Among the specific topics included in this quiz are:

Statistical leaders
Nicknames of players
Hockey firsts
Stanley Cup winners
Coaching records
Hockey trophies and awards
Hockey music
Hockey movies

And much more.

This truly isn’t a game for you hockey charlatans, you true fans will have your knowledge tried and tested with the Onteca Big Hockey Quiz. So do you know the game? I mean, really know the game? Then prove it. Test your mettle.

Designed by our resident hockey nerd this solid offering will provide a stout challenge to even the most seasoned hockey trivia veteran.

Fuel Coach - Less Fuel for your car 1.5(Productivity)[iTunes]

Price: $0.99 -> Free


Please visit our support website ( before buying the application.

Related products:
● iFuel Pro: unlimited fillups and full analysis
● iFuel Lite: unlimited fillups
● iFuel Free: up to 3 fillups
● Fuel Coach: improve your fuel savings drive

This application will lead you to improve your driving for fuel (gasoline, petrol) savings. It will score your drive and provide you a graphical indication of the three main contributors to fuel (gasoline, petrol) savings: deceleration, acceleration and speed.

Give it a try! ... and you will likely save more money than the cost of this application.

To keep track of your fuel consumptions we recommend to look at the iFuel products.


SkyMemo 1.1(Productivity)[iTunes]

Price: $5.99 -> Free

You are searching for a simple to-do list application for your day-to-day use? You think that searching inside your memo database is a waste of time? SkyMemo is made for you: simplicity and ease of use!

SkyMemo has an innovative approach: each memo is associated with a physical location. SkyMemo uses your current GPS position to present you the memos that are associated to the closest location around you! No need to search what memos are useful according to your position, SkyMemo is doing the job for you!


  • At work, see only your business memos.
  • At home, see only home memos.
  • At the supermarket, look at your shopping list.
  • Access memos related to a friend when visiting him.
  • Want to remember something next time you are near a specific place (restaurant, shop, customer,…) ? Just add a location and a memo!


  • Add/Edit/Delete locations. When adding a location, the current GPS position is used.
  • Add/Edit/Delete memos. When adding a memo, the closest location is preselected according to your current GPS position.
  • Dynamic update of GPS position to maintain the memo list valid when walking.
  • Configuration: Activate/deactivate GPS dynamic update; Configure the maximum distance range between your current GPS position and the locations to show; Sets the automatic or manual preselection when adding a memo; View memos in 2 or 3 lines.

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