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어제는 아기다리 고기다리 던아이폰이 도착했다. 3년간의 기나긴 떡밥, 예약 구매자를 봉으로 아는 KT주1폰스토어의 어설픈 일처리 때문에 어제 점심 때쯤 개통까지 완료했다. 그리고 바로 해킹하고 아이팟 터치(iPod Touch) 설정으으로 아이폰(iPhone)을 복원하는데 까지 한시간 정도 걸렸다. 아이팟 터치를 사용할 때에는 몰랐지만 아이폰을 사용해 보니 지금까지 아이팟 터치(1세대)를 어떻게 사용했나 싶다.

일단 속도가 비교가 될 수 없을 정도로 빠르다. 똑 같은 해킹에 똑 같은 어플을 설치해도 비교할 수 없을 정도로 빠르다. 3G를 이용해서 웹 페이지를 불러오는 속도아이팟 터치의 와이파이를 이용해서 불러오는 속도 보다 훨씬 빠르다. 네트워크 속도는 당연히 와이파이가 빠를테니 렌더링 하는 속도가 이렇게 차이 나는 것으로 생각된다. 아무튼 참 어렵게 받은 아이폰(iPhone)이었다. 아이폰 개봉기와 개통 및 해킹에 대한 이야기는 따로 글을 올릴 생각이다.

오늘은 총 22개의 어플을 소개하겠다. 모두 다 소개하기는 힘들고 몇가지 특색있는 것만 소개하겠다. 미국은 추수감사절 할인이 많은데 국내는 아이폰 출시 기념 할인이 많다. iKorWay도 아이폰 출시 기념 할인이 있었는데 오늘은 YummyCook Recipes이라는 요리책과 LottoCat LOTTO645라는 나눔로또 어플이 할인 행사 중이다. YummyCook Recipes는 평상시 4불에서 2불로, LottoCat LOTTO645는 평상시 4불에서 1불로 할인 행사 중이다.

또 어제 트위터를 통해 알린 두시간 무료 어플인 CFA Quant는 역시 생각대로 원래의 가격이 5불로 복귀했다. 다만 이런 소식을 조금 더 빨리 알고 싶다면 를 읽고 폴로하기 바란다. 트위터로는 글을 통해 소개하기 힘든 100명 한정, 한시간만 무료와 같을 어플도 올리기 때문이다.

MultiRuler 1.1(Utilities)[iTunes]


Price: $1.99 -> Free

Please view YouTube video by clicking "Support Url" below. or Find the url here:

MultiRuler is an exciting measuring application, providing a set of easy measurement approaches. It applys to both small and large objects. Its results is either detailed and precise values, or a fast estimate with the accuracy up to 99%. All the measurements can be conveniently saved in its history database.

MultiRuler serves in one of three different measurement modes, and they work on both IPhone and IPodTouch!

In Hop mode, you could slide the ruler step by step, with the assistance of a finger or marker. And this results in an accurate measurement of large objects. Simply swiping on the screen, you could control it manually as well.

In Rotate mode, you could rotate the device clockwise from one side to the other. Both Hop and Rotate modes support measuring horizontal and vertical objects.

In the cool Slide mode, MultiRuler works in a fast way to estimate the length of large horizontal objects. By a smooth and swift sliding of your device, MultiRuler could provide a fairly accurate estimate.

In fine details, MultiRuler draws a ruler in both centimeter and inch units, and allows you to control the starting point of the ruler, which comes to handy in some corner measuring cases.

Why don’t you try it out? MultiRuler will save you a lot of efforts when you don’t carry a physical tape measure.

33rd DIVISION 1.2(Games)[iTunes]


Price: $0.99 -> Free

33rd DIVISION IS FREE FOR ONE DAY!!!! Visit for more free games in the next days.

33rd Division was in Top 100 Paid Games in 21 countries.


33rd Division is one of the very best line drawing games in the App Store. It’s a brilliant idea executed wonderfully creating one of the best experiences to be had on the iPhone. 5/5 ABSOLUTE MUST - Appadvice

33rd Division is definitely worth recruiting if you're looking for a path-drawing game with a few gameplay twists. It's easily one of the best of its kind. If nothing else, do it for the good of history. 4/4 MUST HAVE - Slide to play

33rd Division matches up nicely to the quality of other line-drawing icon games such Flight Control and Harbor Master. So, if you think you are master of the sea, rule the sky, then why not show your military prowess on land and see how many soldiers you can lead to safety. - touchiphonegames

The goal is to escort your men without enemy patrols noticing them. In this stealth game you must make quick and strategic decision based on your actual situation.


  • play it for 5 minutes or a few hours
  • 2 game difficulty modes ? Life and Time
  • 4 great WW2 missions situated in Europe
  • Mighty power-ups
  • growing game difficulty with Mortar & Sudden death in-game modes
  • 3 different allies units and 4 different axis patrols with unique voices
  • original soundtrack with ability to play your own music
  • polished graphics & level design
  • tutorial and mission briefs
  • tactical save when you quit
  • Online score using OpenFeint

Life mode is for casual players. You start with 5 lives and when a man is killed you lose one life. You can gain a life back if you are good commander. Game is over when you have no lives. Time mode is for hardcore players. You must watch the time. When a man is escorted you gain seconds, when a man is killed you lose seconds. Game is over when you have no seconds left.

8 bonus items appearing randomly on map. Including double speed, invisibility, life and time bonus, various score bonuses, frozen enemies…

The more soldiers you save, the more enemy patrols appear. Later in game you can expect mortar fire or sudden-death. You never know what to expect next.

In your division there are Soldiers, Medics and Sergeants. They are moving by various speeds and you gain different points. Also enemy units are diverse, you will meet a watchdog, a heavy machine-gunner, a sidecar etc.

Every map has its own original background music . All troops have unique character voices by Arin Hanson, The Egoraptor.

Each map and game mode has its own leaderboard using OpenFeint.


33rd Division has all the makings of a great game and will no doubt be amongst the top downloaded game on the iTunes App Store. The maps are stunning and the sergeant’s voiceovers will certainly make you stand up and pay attention. - Appmodo

BLIMP The Flying Adventure

SCRAPS 1.0.0(Games)[iTunes]


Price: $2.99 -> Free

Specialty Construct is Recruiting!

Calling all iPhone and iPod Touch users for SCRAPS operational training. SCRAPS is a puzzle game where you take on the role of a SCRAPS operator and attempt to guide your robots through a hazard filled level to retrieve lost energy pods. Great for fans of Lemmings!

SCRAPS spawn one at a time and as an operator you give them commands that cause them to alter their environment allowing them to collect energy pods.

You command your SCRAPS by choosing between three basic commands:

  • Explode: Destroys some platforms
  • Repair: Repairs destroyed platforms
  • Activate: Activates switches

Be careful, you have a limited number of SCRAPS at your disposal to complete your objective. Don't get too attached to your SCRAPS ... they tend to die quite a bit.


  • Level editor where you can create your own levels
  • Over 100 community levels with more added every day
  • Replays showing other user's hints and solutions
  • Comments and ratings for community levels


  • 30 additional levels
  • Unlimited access to community levels
  • Removes all banner ads

SCRAPS is also part of the Juju Play community where you can:

  • Compare your best games and highest scores with other players
  • Earn Badges with in-game achievements
  • Build up a personal profile to share with others
  • Create friend lists so you can find them online more easily
  • Much much more!

"SCRAPS innovates in the puzzle-platformer genre with some genuinely new gameplay ideas" - Slide To Play


kgb Answers 1.2(Utilities)[iTunes]

kgb Answers

Price: $0.99 -> Free

kgb Answers: The world’s smartest Mobile App. Don't search. Find.

Price update: December sale - kgb Answers is FREE for the month of December! The FREE download comes with 3 free answers provided by our Special Agents. After that, Answers cost $0.99 via SMS, or you can buy more Answer Packs through iTunes. The larger Answer packs have a discounted price.

All customers who downloaded the previous version get 2 free answers as a special kgb thank you!

Make your smartphone even smarter with kgb Answers - a new app from the people who brought you kgb’s 542542 text answer service.

With kgb answers, being a know-it-all is simple. Just type in ANY question and kgb special agents will send you the exact answer right away - which is what makes kgb Answers unique in the App Store. Better than sifting through hundreds of irrelevant search results, huh?

Ask us for:

  • Sports scores and breaking news
  • Dating and relationship advice
  • Directions/phone numbers
  • Celebrity gossip
  • Music and movies trivia
  • Health and fitness tips
  • Or even obscure facts like, how do snakes mate?

With this cool new App, you get more than just answers. You can:

  • store answers in your phone and create a favorites list
  • get a local map and save numbers in your phonebook
  • see other questions you may find interesting
  • share them with your friends via Facebook and email
  • check out what other people are asking.

iFeed 1.02(Social Networking)[iTunes]


Price: $2.99 -> Free

Read updates from Twitter and Facebook, share updates and pictures, view trends, nearby posts and more!

  • View updates from people you follow on Twitter and your friends on Facebook
  • View your Facebook friends, and followers/following lists of yourself and other users
  • Send/Receive direct messages on Twitter
  • Take and send pictures
  • Save message drafts for posting at a later time
  • Optionally include location information in tweets
  • Display user profiles for Twitter and Facebook
  • View trends on Twitter
  • View Nearby posts on Twitter
  • Go to any Twitter or Facebook user by username
  • Follow or Unfollow twitter users

This app posts updates to Twitter only, but reads messages from Twitter and Facebook. If you want your updates to be syndicated to Facebook, you can install the Twitter Facebook app.

Blow Party 1.1(Entertainment)[iTunes]

Blow Party

Price: $0.99 -> Free

Who can blow for the longest time? We are sure that is something you and your friends want to know especially when bubbles fly around the screen as you blow.

Engage in the BlowParty competition, up to 8 players can play to see who has the biggest blow/whistle power.

Would you be able to discover the seven animals while you blow.

You will soon discover how fun it is to blow into your Iphone to try to beat that high-score rank your friend just took.

Note: Ipod touch users need to plug in the microphone before blowing...


  • Up to 8 players turn by turn
  • Saves 8 profiles with name and personal best record
  • All-time high scores list
  • 7 stages represented by long-blowing animals, can you discover the best one...
  • Blow level meter, blow length and animated bubbles all over the screen.

How it works:

  • Blow or whistle close to the Iphone/Ipod touch Microphone to start the counter. Try to blow as loud and long as possible so that the bubble meter does not reach 0

Fos4plus 1.0(Games)[iTunes]


Price: $0.99 -> Free

Your Pics, Your Music, Our Games…

Like all Yuzu Games productions, Fos4plus is a dangerously addictive puzzle game that let you play with your images while listening to your music. Fos4plus is the best companion while in the subway, bus or train or waiting in line or for a friend, etc.

With Fos4plus, gamers have to reconstruct 4 images as quickly as possible using one of the 4 puzzle modes available: SWAP, STICK, FLASH and BREAK.

Fos4plus needs a good shaking to start and break down the four images in 4, 9 and 16 pieces depending on the difficulty level. Depending on the mode and after shaking, gamers need to reconstruct the 4 images by swapping pieces one with another, sticking pieces to the board, shaking the handset to reshuffle the puzzle, tapping floating and bouncing pieces, moving pieces before they fall down and break down in smaller pieces.

Jokers are also available but will add penalty time while Evil Jokers will keep disrupting your progresses by ordering some random moves.

Company: Yuzu Games


Compatible with iPhone and iPod Touch
Requires iPhone 3.0 Software Update

BritTV 0.01(Entertainment)[iTunes]


Price: $0.99 -> Free


BritTV is a humorous fun soundboard featuring classic phrases from Brit TV.

Choose from classic tv phrases including :

  • Del Boy - "You Plonker"
  • Alan Partridge - "Smell My Cheese"
  • Alan Partridge - "Kiss My Face"
  • Ali G - "Boyakesha"
  • Basil Fawlty - "Damn Good Thrashing"
  • Blackadder - "Hello Bob"
  • Bo Selecta - "Craig David"
  • Bo Selecta - "Mel B"
  • Bo Selecta - "Michael Jackson"
  • Ricky Gervais -"The Office Dance"
  • Little Britain - "Im A Lady"
  • Tommy Cooper - "Just Like That"
  • Little Britain Andy - "I Want That One"
  • Little Britain Lou - "Yes I Know"
  • Tommy Cooper - "Just Like That"

Plus many more included in the app and more to be added in the next update

Features a stop all sounds button

Easy to navigate and use , just press the TV button for each sound

Studio recorded for highest quality so ensure you turn up the volume for max effect

Please Note
All voices produced by impressionists, all sounds do not carry the approval or the endorsement of the personality involved or any broadcasting institution

Any names mentioned are for reference only and is not an indication that they are associated with this app in any way

Ace Games Are FULLY Licensed to use these sounds

4&More 1.0(Games)[iTunes]


Price: $0.99 -> Free

A puzzle game. The gameplay is based on movement of neighboring things, placed on the game field. The purpose is to make at least four things with same color or form be located in a line. Things placed such way disappear making scores. To move up to next level you need to remove appointed quantity of things for appointed time. There is "For Fun" mode available in the game, which doesn't define time period, you need to remove things for.

YummyCook Recipes 1.0(Lifestyle)[iTunes]

YummyCook Recipes

Price: $3.99 -> $1.99

  1. 1 공지

아이폰 출시 기념으로 일주일간 50% 할인 행사를 진행 합니다. 12.1 ~ 12.8 까지 기회를 놓치지 마세요~

Yummycook's Recipes were seen only on blog or book.
Now, it is launched into iPod application so whenever and wherever you can easily find it.
Yummycook was selected as a 2008 powerbloger by Naver and almost 9,000 people per day visited her blog.
In this blog, she introduces how to cook and how to treat children well in this blog.
If you follow her kind recipes, you may alreay have pretty delicious cusine.
It contains total 99 Korean and fusion recipes including cooking basics and those are categorized by sort or theme.
It also functions as a 'cook timer', useful for cooking, and as a 'shopping list', the check list when going to market.
Yummycook's Recipe is broken from the concept of 'E-Book'
Now, be proud of your cooking wherever you are.

블로그나 책으로만 볼 수 있었던 요리천사의 행복밥상 이 편리하게 어디서나 볼 수 있는 아이팟 어플리케이션 으로 출시 되었습니다.
2008 네이버 PowerBlog 로 선정되어 하루 9,000 명 가까이 블로그에 방문 요리와 더불어 아이들 잘 키우는 법 을 가르치고 있는 요리계의 어머니인 요리천사의 친절한 설명대로 요리를 하다보면 어느새 맛있고 예쁜 요리가.. 짜잔~^^
요리의 기본, 종류별 요리, 테마별 요리 등 총 99가지 맛있는 한국요리 및 퓨전요리가 수록되어 있습니다.
요리할 때 유용한 '쿡타이머' 기능과 장 볼때 체크 리스트로 쓸 수 있는 '구입목록' 기능 까지 수록!
E-Book의 개념을 탈피한 요리천사의 행복밥상!
이젠 집에서는 물론 밖이나 여행지 등에서도 맛있는 요리를 뽐내 보세요.

  • 주요기능
  • Main functions
  1. 'Find Favorites' for dishes you enjoy
  2. 'Cook Timer' for alarming
  3. 'Shopping List' capable of saving and loading. It may be useful when you go to market or when you want to remember something.

  4. 즐겨 먹는 요리에 대한 즐겨찾기 기능

  5. 요리할 때 시간을 재며 알람을 울려주는 쿡타이머 기능
  6. 장 보거나 기억할 일이 있을 때 쓸 수 있으며 저장, 불러오기 가 가능한 장보기 기능

SMSMinder 1(Utilities)[iTunes]


Price: $0.99 -> Free

SMSMinder - schedule reminders that will be be texted (SMS'd) to your phone.

Reminder can have text and or AUDIO.

  1. press new
  2. enter the text you want or press the mic to start recording. You can record up to 10 seconds.
  3. pick a date and time for the reminder. NOTE: The reminder will be sent at the date and time you specify BUT, depending on your network provider there may be a significant delay in receiving the reminder. So, it is best to give your self plenty of room for late reminders.

You can also set the reminder to "recurring" . This will send the reminder every day at the same time until you delete the reminder.

The text message you receive will have a link if you recorded audio. Simply touch the link and it will play your recording. Also, you can view the reminders from the app and listen to any recorded reminders.

if you have any questions or need help in any way please email me at

Currently we only support AT&T, Rogers and Fido for US and Canada

IRobox 2.0(Games)[iTunes]


Price: $0.99 -> Free

Free for a limited time

Remember Rockem Sockem Robots? IRobox will bring you back to the days when plastic robots fought for supremacy. This simple to master but thoroughly exciting game will have you challenging all the IRobox robots.
Bob, weave, left and right punch your opponent with only one goal in mind....knock his head off! Three rounds of total action. Win two of three rounds and add to your career win totals.


Build your IRobox skills now!!

iReading - Flint Man's Legend 1.0(Books)[iTunes]

iReading - Flint Man's Legend

Price: $0.99 -> Free


Brand-new Reading Experience! Animated Audio Story Book!

AppleTreeBooks™ has been inviting excellent illustrators across the world to create illustrated stories for us. Exquisite pictures, vivid dubbing as well as animation and interactive procedures will present wonderful stories and enable you and your children to experience brand-new reading. We have elaborately selected various stories, including the well-known classic fairy tales and brand-new originated stories, so that you will have many options and will absolutely find the ones you love. Additionally, we will continuously update the books on our online bookshelf, so that you can read our illustrated stories at any time. AppleTreeBooks™ will enable you to experience brand-new reading and funs in it.


  • Dubbing in both English and Chinese;
  • Animation in each page, make it more vivid.
  • Touch the character in each page to make it sound, increase the fun of reading process.
  • The mode of CoverFlow enables you to start with any page in the books;
  • Function of online bookshelf enables you to read new books that have been or will be published at any time;
  • Function of automatic and manual page turning;
  • Function of automatic bookmark allows for automatic entry of bookmark into the current page when the procedure is interrupted by accident; you may choose “Restart” or “Continue” at the time of next entry.

"Flint Man’s Legend" is an age-old mysterious story which describes how the ancestors learned to use fire. The hero made painstaking efforts, overcome various difficulties and finally acquired an imperishable kindling for human being with the help of his courage and wisdom. The illustrator focused on the presentation of mysterious color in this story so that each picture is as gorgeous as oil painting. Reading this story will make you feel like visiting an art exhibition or seeing a film. You and your children will absolutely like it!

If you are an illustrator or a writer, welcome to cooperate with AppleTreeBooks™, so that your work will be published and shared by the whole world! If you are a reader, you are welcomed to advice your precious opinions on our books and tell us what you like to read. We will continue to make effort in creating more stories you like.


CFA Quant 1.0(Finance)[iTunes]

CFA Quant

Price: $3.99 -> Free


CFA Level I Quantitative Review

CFA Quant is a summary of Quantitative section of the CFA level I. A great app that covers all the details for Quant section of CFA level I. You do not need to go through additional notes and tutorials after using this app.

Features: Organized into 7 different sections

  1. cash flow basics
  2. probability concepts
  3. probability distributions
  4. statistical concepts
  5. sampling estimation
  6. hypothesis testing
  7. technical analysis.
  • Ability to mark points as favorites

Check out our other apps

  • CFA Level I : Portfolio Management and Corporate Finance
  • Interview Buzz PRO with more than 300 interview Questions and Answers
  • 1000+ Financial Terms
  • 365 Great Paintings - A Painting a day

Disclaimer: CFA is a registered trademark of the CFA Institute, which does not endorse, nor is affiliated with this product in any way.

LottoCat LOTTO645 (KOR) 1.2(Entertainment)[iTunes]

LottoCat LOTTO645 (KOR)

Price: $3.99 -> $0.99


Thanks lottocat world reviewers!! Good luck!!

  • I win $400 of $19
  • This is a very well designed and helpful application. I'm feeling lucky already.
  • I'll vote for the app.. year of 2009
  • It is a nice and easy to use Will keep an update on this later.
  • Awesome application Really user friendly and the number genetator is pretty cool.
  • It's a great app~~~ ever seen!
  • I love this app

Are you sick of the system that only makes number without any ground in lottery? Do you have experience win the Lotto6/45 through the randomly generate way ?

Choose the LOTTOCAT! It will makes your dream come true with scientific system you have ever seen.

########## 한국 아이폰 상륙 기념 1달러 세일중 ##########
로또캣은 랜덤추출방식을 사용하지 않습니다. 확율, 통계, 패턴을 기반으로 로또645를 분석해서 서비스 하고 있습니다

로또켓은 로또 결과에 대해 대형 서버에서 100억 번 이상 연산을 수행해서 기초데이터를 추출합니다. 추출한 데이터에 대해 1만가지 이상의 선택방법을 컴퓨터 시뮬레이션합니다. 이것을 '룰셋'이라고 합니다. 이 룰셋 중에서 가장 높은 확율을 만들어 내는 '골든룰셋'을 반영하여 서비스 하고 있습니다.

로또번호를 선택할 때마다 여타번호의 확율을 색으로 표시해주므로 로또를 즐기는 새로운 방식을 제공해드립니다.

여러분의 꿈을 로또캣으로 이뤄보십시오.

제안사항이나, 문의사항등은 아래의 블로그를 이용해 주십시오.
로또캣의 동영상 사용법, 분석방법, 로또의 확율, 로또의 오해등을 확율, 패턴 분석에 의해 검증한 자료들이 포스팅되어 있으니 참고하십시오.


  • 인터넷을 통해 최신의 추첨결과 및 골든룰셋을 매주 업데이트
  • 볼의 확율을 색으로 표시 및 자신의 소원입력기능
  • 추첨결과와 자신의 선택번호 맞춘개수 표시


  • 본 어플은 대한민국 나눔로또 전용입니다.
  • 로또켓의 추출방법은 특허청에 특허출원되어 있습니다. 출원번호: 10-2009-0055828

StoreRanks 1.1(Productivity)[iTunes]


Price: $0.99 -> Free

StoreRanks - app performance at a glance

Always have an eye on your app's ranking. Keep track of your app's performance after starting marketing actions or releasing updates. With StoreRanks you can follow the rankings of up to 25 apps - even retrospectively!

And the best: it's free. You can follow app for free. More apps can be added with in app purchase.

All data is grouped by country and categories. In addition you can track your current app position in all AppStores worldwide at one glance.


  • AppStore rankings grouped by country and category for all AppStores!
  • Ranking history since the beginning of August 2009
  • Current ranking (incl. trend) at a glance (click on the table's arrow button)
  • Graphical representation
  • Turn your device to see a magnified graph
  • Track up to 5 apps simultaneously
  • For each day and app two measuring points are saved (max. Top 100)

Statistics are gathered since the beginning of August 2009. Unfortunately we cannot guarantee for a 100% history. Due to server downtimes there may be limited or not available statistics. Only apps positioned in the top 100 at least once can be found (the same applies for the categories)!

Gossip Rush 1.3(News)[iTunes]

Gossip Rush

Price: $0.99 -> Free

Free for a limited time!

  • Say hello to Gossip Rush
    From the makers of News Rush! Gossip Rush provides quick and simple access to many of the top Celebrity Gossip sites specifically formatted for the iPhone. Ease of use and a gorgeous interface make Gossip Rush the perfect Gossip companion.

  • Organization Never Looked This Good
    Gossip Rush displays some of your favorite sites in a gorgeous virtual library. With beautiful images and top news sites formatted to fit your screen you are sure to fall in love with Gossip Rush.

  • Easy Load
    Simply press the Menu Icon and watch the various Gossip Outlets fade into view. Pick your favorite and enjoy the juicy Gossip.

  • Email Friendly
    Easily email links to the currently Opened article without even leaving Gossip Rush. Spreading Gossip couldn't be easier.

  • In a Rush. No Problem.
    Gossip Rush is Fast. Most of the sources are tailored specifically for your device. This means much faster load times.

  • Video Friendly
    Gossip Rush is Audio / Video friendly. Watch your favorite Gossip Videos streamed from your favorite sites.

  • Scroll To The Top
    Anytime you need to scroll back to the top of an article simply tap once near the top of the screen.

  • Information On The Go
    Reading the latest gossip on the go just got juicier. Audio / Video Playback Support, articles formatted to fit your screen, In App Email, top News Sources, and a gorgeous interface make Gossip Rush your Ultimate Gossip gateway.

  • More to Come
    We know that you have multiple Gossip outlets that spark your interest. That's why you can expect more additions in future updates. Have a favorite that's not included? Send us your recommendation.

Currently Includes:

  • US
  • OMG!
  • TMZ
  • STAR
  • OK!
  • X17

Kitty Claw Game 1.0(Games)[iTunes]

Kitty Claw Game

Price: $0.99 -> Free

Kitty Claw Game
"There's a KAT for that"

This simple IPhone game,The Kitty Claw game® is loosely based on the classic arcade Claw Game but with a twist. With three levels of play the Kitty Claw game® will attract a wide following, from 6-year olds to great-grandmothers.

Who said simple wasn't fun?

Players touch the screen to move Kitty along an Alley wall over trash cans and the players tap the Kitty character twice and his claw lowers into the cans to capture a variety of objects including Ricky Rat™. Player get points for each object grabbed before the time runs out. With three levels and each level has less time than the first, you should grab as much as possible before time runs out.

**Reviews- What are People saying?***

  • "Fun simple little game. It is what they say simple, its a fun combination of music and silly characters that you can play to pass time. Perfect iPhone game." - Lou Orlando

  • "Great game simple but fun must have"

  • "This is really fun. It is simple and perfect for passing time. Perfect iPhone game."

  • "I love Kitty>:< 5 Meows!!!!

  • "The Classic arcade claw game but with a cat" Buy this one. -

About the Characters.
Kitty®- Is a two-dimensional character in a Three dimensional cartoon world. He lives in Toonburg with his pal Ricky rat® and the other “washed up cartoons” they scrounge through the dives of the cartoon world trying to stay out of trouble, but they do not succeed often.

Most Accurate Acceleration Ruler E78ZU8N2JL(Utilities)[iTunes]

Most Accurate Acceleration Ruler E78ZU8N2JL

Price: $1.99 -> Free

This application is by far the most accurate ruler/tape application, utilizing the accelerometer. It applies calculus formulas and artificial intelligence theories, to best estimate the distance your IPhone/IPodTouch has traveled. It works perfect if you want to horizontally measure an object's length, from inches to feet.

The instruction is simple. 1) put your device at/align one end of the object (say a table); 2) push "Start" button; 3) slide your device to the other end of the object; 4) Read the numbers on the screen.

Its accuracy ranges from 95% to 99%. The more swift you slide your device, the more accurate distance this application estimates. If you see the reading on screen does not stop, just simple push "Stop" button, and slide again.

My VIP 1.1(Utilities)[iTunes]


Price: $0.99 -> Free

NOTE: if this is not working for you please go into your settings icon from the home screen and scroll down to the VIP area. If you enter your phone number here and select your preference type the app will function properly. This is only required if the VIP number request keeps coming up when the app is launched. I am currently working on a solution to this. If you need further help please email me mytaxapp at

Do you have that one someone in your life you are always contacting? The one person that you are constantly calling or messaging? VIP can save you time with the press of an icon taking you straight to call or message that person!

Features include * One off in app intro screen to set your VIP's number and preferred contact type (message or call) * Ability to update your VIP's number and preferred contact type through settings at any time (maybe last months VIP is no longer your VIP...) * A chance for a two second override after pressing on VIP to temporarily change the contact type (so if your preference is call you can override to message or visa versa)

Grab VIP and save time and effort contacting the VIP in your life.

Please note:If you have any trouble getting the app functioning correctly please go to your settings icon on the homescreen, scroll down to my VIP and re enter your preferred contact type. Once this is done the app will function normally.

Like VIP but wish you could have your VIPs photo and name on the icon? Email with a 512 x 512 png image and name of your VIP and I'll upload a custom app for purchase for less than $20 on the app store. This will be subject to app store approval which generally takes 2 weeks. The cost of the custom app will halve each time a purchase us made so get all your friends into it aswell.

Driftz 1.1(Games)[iTunes]


Price: $0.99 -> Free

Driftz is a simple yet fast paced and addictive game.

The objective is simple: Stop each row by pressing the STOP DRIFT button, so that the blocks are placed directly above the previous row's blocks. As rows get added, your score increases. Make it all the way to the "bonus" zone and you get to continue to the next level.

Sound simple enough? Well it is...but this game will suck you in very quickly as it defeats you just when you think it's easy. It's a great game to play quickly, yet also be drawn back again and again to beat your previous score.

Qublitz 1.1(Games)[iTunes]


Price: $0.99 -> Free

This exciting and addictive puzzle game goes to an all new level by integrating the use of the iPhone's tilt mode and utilizing all 4 walls. The game initially seems simple, but gets more complex with each passing level as block speeds and spawn rates increase.

The challenge lies in figuring out the best strategies to stay in each level as long as possible while also increasing your multipliers to maximize your high scores.

Taking after great hit games like Tetris and Bejeweled, Qublitz will challenge you to keep improving on the strategies you build.

How high can your score get? 10,000? 100,000? 1,000,000? 4,011,840?

관련 글타래

  1. 트윗(Tweet)을 읽어 보면 알 수 있지만 12월 1일 아이폰을 받지도 못한 예약 구매자가 많은데 대리점에서는 채권보전료, 가입비, 유심칩 가격까지 면제 받아 바로 개통할 수 있다는 내용이다. 즉, 7만원 가량의 돈을 버리고, 시간까지 손해보며 정신적인 고통까지 받은 사람이 예약 구매자인 셈이다.